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Time to take stock...


From April 2018, legislation will prevent the rental of commercial property that achieves a Band F or Band G on an Energy Performance Certificate, and it is estimated that this impacts on well over a third of UK commercial property.

We all seek to achieve optimum lease terms and value from commercial property when it is marketed. As this key date looms, a building's energy efficiency threatens to impact on optimising rental revenue.

So what can we do?

As specialists in Energy Certification and Building Audits, Tudor Edward has developed the Acumen service. Our energy efficiency experts can assist in identifying areas of inefficiency and energy wastage, along with measures that will reduce running costs and improve energy ratings.

Tudor Edward can provide a range of services to assist with this, starting with an assessment of buildings as they are now. A draft EPC and building audit can be produced to illustrate current vs. potential energy consumption, as well as a breakdown of how the energy is used, showing where the money is spent.

A programme of improvement measures can then be produced with prospective savings illustrations. The EPC can also be modelled to reflect the prospective rating once measures, whether small or large, have been adopted.

Guidance can then be provided to source these measures and once installed a renewed EPC can be lodged to demonstrate the enhanced energy efficiency rating.

Now is the time to act

Tudor Edward are committed to assisting property owners and managers to make wise decisions about future marketability and revenues by staying a step ahead of the legislation. This is an opportunity for you to take stock of your property, assess your exposure and make wise decisions now that will have long-term impact on your bottom line.

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