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BRUKL Reporting

SBEM (Simplified Building Energy Model) is a computer program that provides an analysis of a building's energy efficiency. SBEM calculates monthly energy use and carbon dioxide emissions of a building given a description of the building size, conditioning, construction materials, and lighting.

SBEM is used as the national standard methodology to calculate the building's energy performance, and can be used to demonstrate compliance with Part L of the Building Regulations by comparing the designed Building Emission Rate (BER) with an SBEM calculated Target Emission Rate (TER).

On newly constructed commercial buildings an initial SBEM calculation is carried out at design stage to confirm that the specification such as insulation and the fixed building services (heating, lighting and ventilation) will meet minimum building regulations. When the construction of the building is complete the performance is re-checked and adjusted to illustrate and analyse any changes to the specification or materials used during construction to confirm the building is consistent with the BER.

SBEM can also be used to produce a BRUKL report (Building Regulation UK Part L) which calculates Part L (fuel and energy conservation) of the Building Regulations 2000 measured against maximum carbon dioxide emissions for whole buildings. As part of the new build or change of use process, this will enable you to manage your development within the demands of building regulations.

Tudor Edward is well placed to provide your complete energy performance and certification solution, from BRUKL reports for compliance, all the way through the process to a full EPC for building control sign-off. We know buildings, so if you have a project that requires analysis or guidance, contact us to see what we can do to help.