building under construction

On Construction SAP/EPC Residential & Commercial

While conventional EPCs handle existing buildings fine, when you are building a new dwelling or commercial building, this also requires the provision of an EPC as part of the building control sign-off procedure.

Tudor Edward are experts in existing building EPCs and On-Construction EPCs, using the SAP methodology for dwellings, and SBEM for commercial buildings. Often the process for buildings on-construction is more consultative, with detailed processing of data using specifications and plans, as well as the traditional on-site inspection.

Illustration of an energy certificate

We can provide your interim Predictive Energy Assessment (PEA) so that you can market your dwelling off-plan during construction, and complete the process with a SAP EPC when building is finished.

Likewise we can provide an indicative EPC based on specification and plans, along with material data while your commercial building is mid-construction, and then can re-certify the building as necessary at the end of your process.

Whatever your requirements, Tudor Edward can help with your On-Construction certification needs, contact us and see what we can do to help your project.