Display Energy Certificates (DECs)

External shot of a building Meter reading

Display Energy Certificates, or DECs, are the system of rating for energy efficiency for public buildings. They differ from EPCs because rather than make an arbitrary rating based on the building age and equipment, the rating is generated from actual energy consumption information, so gives a true operational rating of the building.

Currently DECs are required for all public authority buildings regularly visited by the public. These include:

  • Libraries
  • Hospitals
  • Doctors Surgeries & Medical Centres
  • Schools
  • Colleges
  • Job Centres
  • Tax Offices
  • University buildings
Billing statement and EPC sheet

Buildings between 250 and 1,000m2 in floor area: are required to have an inspection of the building completed, and supply energy bills for the preceding 12 months, resulting in a certificate, displaying energy efficiency and an accompanying Advisory Report, giving guidance on changes to behaviour and practice to reduce energy costs. Once in place, these are valid for 10 years.

Buildings over 1,000m2 in floor area: are required to have a certificate and advisory report, but in this case the advisory report id valid for 7 years and the certificate is refreshed annually. Once inspected and initial reports issued, the renewal process is straightforward as it involves supplying an additional 12 months’ billing information to refresh the rating.

The DEC is a useful tool as it gives a true operational efficiency view of a building as it is based on real consumption rather than definitions of a building purely based on age and assumed occupancy patterns.

Currently the DEC is a mandatory requirement for public buildings, but can be voluntarily used as an additional source of intelligence for any commercial building.

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