Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme (ESOS)

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Since 2015, organisations of more than 250 employees or more, or with turnover of more than £50m per annum, are obliged to compile a report under the Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme. (ESOS)

ESOS is designed to be a 4-yearly process, for auditing and reporting on an organisation’s overall energy consumption, including buildings, vehicles, manufacturing and other industrial processes.

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The scheme ensures larger companies review their entire energy consumption, for consideration and future strategy.

After completing a comprehensive audit of your energy consumption across each of the consumption areas, the challenge is to then use that information to support future investment and improvement strategy.

The reports should be completed by a suitable trained and experienced Lead Assessor.

Each audit strand then feeds in to the ESOS Assessment report and supporting Evidence Pack, overseen by a qualified ESOS Lead Assessor, who can then detail and propose work to reduce ongoing energy cost and emissions.

We have a team of experienced auditors who specialise in buildings, fleet management, transportation, logistics and industrial process, who can provide intelligence to inform future spend, from basic payback through to full lifecycle cost analysis.

The next ESOS reporting deadline will be December 2019 and a prudent company should be considering their options and record keeping now.

To avoid the risk of substantial fines. now is the time to start planning for ESOS.

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Tudor Edward qualified in the first wave of assessment companies as an ESOS Lead Assessor, and have successfully completed projects across a diverse range of businesses, from Care Homes to Engineering.

This enables us to manage the whole auditing process, co-ordinate the different audit strands, and demonstrate the benefit of investment to your business, while remaining compliant.

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