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Asbestos Surveys

Scientist in a laboratory

Asbestos is a relic of irresponsible and uneducated property development. It can be very dangerous but is still commonplace. While construction no longer uses asbestos, there are plenty of buildings out there that still contain it in large or small quantities.

The introduction of new asbestos legislation has made it more important than ever for companies to have an effective asbestos management plan in place. Our asbestos inspection service will ensure that you comply with all current asbestos regulations, which helps to protect you and your company. We offer three levels of service:

  • Standard sampling, identification and assessment survey
  • Full access sampling and identification survey
  • Referral to a qualified and experienced removal specialist. He will identify and eliminate all traces of asbestos in your property with a minimum of fuss.

Tudor Edward knows that the presence of asbestos or even the unidentified threat of it can impact on your life or business. From a simple Artex wall to unknown materials in old heating ducts, we can swiftly and efficiently identify if and where asbestos exists, and how best to handle the situation.